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Atlanta Remodeling Contractor Tips

Ask any real estate agent what are the top three considerations in buying property they will tell you location, location, location. The top 3 considerations for your home remodeling project are planning, planning, planning.
Remodeling your home, whether it is a whole house remodel, a major kitchen renovation, a tiny powder bathroom, or adding an addition for a master bedroom and bathroom will require the same process.
Planning will save you time and money. Do all of the “What ifs” before the first blow of the sledge hammer takes down a wall and tears out the cabinets. What if we put the stove on this side of the kitchen? What if we used the spare bedroom to expand our master bath and closet space? What if we changed the single double sink cabinet into 2 separate sink cabinets for the master bath? What if we want to sell the house in a year and want to recoup our investment? What if we need to get approval from the historical society for renovations?
Planning 1) The Design
It is normal to have an idea of what you want or where you think your cabinets, sinks, stove, refrigerator, shower and tub belong based upon what you already have or what you have seen. In some instances moving a door to accommodate a better flow can be the answer to a space problem, or moving a window will be the solution to have a better design. Think through all scenarios to create the best design possible.
Another critical step in planning is your product choices. If you have hired a designer they can choose products for you, if you would like more of a hands on experience for your home remodeling project then shopping is the name of the game.
Planning 2) Money and Budget
Knowing how much you want to spend and sticking to your budget is contingent upon good planning. Always leave a cushion in your budget for unforeseen expenditures. You may get into the middle of the project and decide that you really want to add something you did not consider and you know that in the long run will save you money if you do it while the project is underway instead of waiting for a future renovation. Or you may come across fixtures that are considerably more expensive that your
Atlanta remodeling contractor had in your estimate but you decide having the more expensive stove, refrigerator, light fixture, faucets, tub or mirrors are worth it. Shop for what you want before you hire your licensed and insured remodeling contractor. When considering your estimate you will have the knowledge to know if the amount the contractor added for various products will be enough to cover what you expect and want in your home. 
Know what you want before you start your project, have more than an idea, get down to the details, ie the price tag.
Finding quality cabinets and lights at good prices is one way to save money on your renovation. Many times you can find comparable items of very expensive designer companies at a great savings. If you are overwhelmed by where to start looking for quality products at discount prices ask your Atlanta remodeling contractor for options.
Planning 3) Permits and Approvals
Permit? Who Me? I didn’t know I needed a permit!! Don’t get caught doing work on your home without a permit. In these economic times counties are looking for every dollar they can and they will fine you extra for not having a permit. All it takes to be fined is an inspector to notice a lumber delivery or dumpster bin on your property while driving in your neighborhood. You will find a notice on your door to stop work and get your permit.
Adding an addition to your home you will find that the permitting process requires that you submit a site plan (formally referred to as a plat) with the proposed addition on the site plan drawn to scale. Different counties have additional requirements and some will require a full set of architecture plans, including structural. If you live in a historic district you may need to get additional approval from a local committee to remodel your home. Neighborhood historic districts are interested in the look of the home from the outside and whether or not it keeps within the integrity of the neighborhood. Adding an addition, changing windows, or any outside improvements to your home would therefore require an additional step in the permitting process.

Home remodeling tips brought to you by John Caldwell, your Atlanta remodeling contractor.